Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma is one of the mainstays of the small to mid-sized pick-up truck market for more than two decades, and with good reason.  The truck comes in a variety of sizes, with short and long beds, double cabs, single cabs and Toyota’s ‘Access Cab’, a larger version of the internal space in the vehicle.

The latest version comes in one of six trim levels, from the basic SR, which is pretty much a no-frills model, to the four versions of the more up market TRD designs.  Rear seats are easily removed to make the truck into a proper, working vehicle.  At the top of the range leather trimmed seats, automatic climate control and navigation are among a host of features.

Even older models are tough work horses, and also vehicles that can be driven for leisure or for longer journeys without the passengers being shaken like a vodka martini in the hands of an expert barman.

Positive Attributes of the Toyota Tacoma

  • Superb reliability
  • Plenty of internal room
  • Excellent build quality
  • Good ride
  • Lots of flexibility.

Things against the Toyota Tacoma

While the column titled ‘Positives’ is long and easy to fill, anyone charged with completing a list of weaknesses will soon hit the rocks – with far less comfort than the truck itself manages to deal with such a scenario. Nit picking to an extreme level, and two things emerge as areas in which the Tacoma could be better.  Firstly, it is not a cheap truck; certainly, not the most expensive, but in its class, there are a number of options which will impact on the wallet less.  That is, though, not to say such vehicles represent better value for money.  Secondly, older and more basic models are a little short on added extras.

Parts and Accessories?

There are not too many occasions when Tacoma owners need to resort to spares.

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