Honda Accord
Honda Accord

Once an Accord advocate, always a fan.  The mid-sized Honda has been around for more than a couple of decades now and has been a by-word for quality, reliability and comfort.


Today’s models come in a variety of editions, in fact, no less than fourteen different forms between the tourer, coupe and sedan.  All are well equipped, with even a base model these days coming with allow wheels and climate control settings for driver and passenger.


Safety is good, even in older models, and the car is great to drive and great to ride in.  Sedan and tourer models have more room for the family, but even a coupe has plenty of front passenger room.


The Accord is both a brilliant car for long journeys across country, but nippy enough and sufficiently agile to make it a fine city car as well.


Positive Attributes of the Honda Accord

  • Excellent reliability
  • High levels of safety, even in older vehicles
  • Good internal space
  • Strong level of equipment
  • Price holds well
  • Reasonable economy
  • Great engines.


Things against the Honda Accord


The joy of the Accord is best experienced from inside the safe and secure shell; it is hard to find much wrong with the car, but perhaps external looks, particularly on models from the last decade or so, are a little ordinary.


Parts and Accessories?


Honda’s don’t often go wrong, and that is very true of the Accord, as well as other models the company produces.

XL Race Parts
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