Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang

Wow! The Ford Mustang is one of those cars that just hits you with its very good looks. Normally American muscle cars look and sound great but offer very little in driver appeal. This is not the case for the Ford Mustang; instead of just being good in a straight line, it is also very good at cornering too. The Ford Mustang looks very aggressive, which is what a car like this needs to be. Another aspect that a Mustang buyer looks for is a strong engine note. The Mustang V8 offers a massive deep tone when accelerating, giving the driver and passengers the thrill that they bought into. The Ford Mustang also has a good level of equipment and refinement inside, so the occupants have a luxury feel.


Positive Attributes of the Ford Mustang


  • Modern Appearance
  • Large and Comfortable
  • Build quality
  • Equipment levels
  • Powerful engines


Things against the Ford Mustang


As mentioned above the Ford Mustang is hard to fault. If you are in the market for a car like this, the running costs will not put you off. This car is not designed to be fuel efficient, but it is designed to give you a thrill. So, the only real drawback is the cost of running.


Parts and Accessories?


One of the biggest advantages of buying a Ford is that there are plenty of outlets for spares and repairs.  However, it is still worth a visit to our website to check out the range and price of the parts and accessories we can supply.

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