Ford Fusion
Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is quite a simple family car. Like with all family cars, they are built to be practical rather than fun. The Fusion is modern and very well built. The engine range is good, and they are very economical. As with most modern cars we are looking at Hybrids. Hybrids are becoming more and more popular as they are quiet and very fuel efficient. The Fusion Hybrid offers this.


That said, most of the Ford Fusion range seems slow and not as fun to drive. So, you have to look at the others in this class to get a more interesting car. Car manufacturers like Audi and BMW manage to build cars that are for a family, but also offer some enjoyment to the driver too.


Positive Attributes of the Ford Fusion  


  • Modern Appearance
  • Large and Comfortable
  • Built quality
  • Equipment levels
  • Smooth engines.


Things against the Ford Fusion


Depending on what you are looking for in a vehicle, the Ford Fusion could be enough for you, what it offers a family in terms of space and refinement are very good. The main issue is the image and the lack of fun it offers the driver.


Parts and Accessories?


One of the biggest advantages of buying a Ford is that there are plenty of outlets for spares and repairs. However, it is still worth a visit to our website to check out the range and price of the parts and accessories we can supply. We are sure our product range will satisfy your needs.

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