Ford Escape
Ford Escape

The Ford Escape has been one of the mainstays of the American small crossover SUV market since the close to the turn of the millennium.

During that time, it has combined the benefits of four-wheel drive capacity with a fun and easy driving experience.

The car will perform well enough for light towing or off-road duties, while on tarmac it will produce a comfortable ride for passengers, and a sense of refinement for the driver

Modern models offer a good level of equipment, and the flexibility to pick and choose trim accessories.

Positive Attributes of the Ford Escape

• Good value to buy and to run

• Good versatility

• Rewarding to drive

• User friendly trim options

• Plenty of servicing and maintenance options

• Lots of flexibility.

Things against the Ford Escape

Some older models are a little cosy inside, something the current edition has solved as a problem.  Even then, older models still boast enough room for a family.  Older models also have fairly basic, utilitarian almost, upholstery, and a slightly plastic-like feel to them.

The very flexibility that allows purchasers to add trim accessories to different models is also a little bit of a downfall.  The cost of these can quickly rise.

Parts and Accessories?

One of the big advantages of buying a Ford is that there are plenty of outlets for spares and repairs.  However, it is still worth a visit to our website to check out the range and price of the parts and accessories we can supply.

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