Dodge Ram
Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram is in the midst of quite a big battle with other pick-up trucks. It is a very versatile pick-up truck offering great accommodation for its passengers. Its simplistic design is also capable of appealing to tradesmen as well as office staff. This vehicle is exclusively powered by diesel which is unusual in this market and it is relatively powerful, but it does lack on the pulling ability against its main rivals.  It does however boast a good suspension to aid with comfort.

Positive Attributes of the Dodge Ram

– Exclusively diesel

– Great air suspension

– Brand reliability

– Looks

Things against the Dodge Ram

The pick-up market is very competitive in America with the buyers of these trucks expecting power with pulling ability, refinement and luggage capacity, which are all the main things that pick-up buyers are looking for.

After Market Styling

As with any pick-up truck, buyers often want to have bespoke accessories to personalise or to aid with the use of their truck. This also apples to the Dodge as well.

Would You Buy a Dodge Ram?

This pick-up truck should make anyone’s short list as it is packed with heritage. However, its lack of technology, high pricing, old-fashioned interior and not being the biggest on the market all hinder its usability and appeal. It also is quite far down on the ranking for towing ability and payloads which are vital factors for those people wishing to buy these types of vehicles.

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