Superchips 3571 Flashcal F5 Tuner Review

Superchips 3571 Flashcal F5 Tuner

Do you own a modern or late model Jeep and wish to modify its configuration or improve the overall performance of the car? Then, you will need a tuner to communicate with the onboard computer. Tuning your car is a quick plug and plays installation that provides upgrades to your engine’s power by interacting with the computer of your vehicle.

They are designed to get the best out of your engine’s power output regarding horsepower and throttle response and torque and let your engine run more efficiently for better handling, better fuel economy, and improved power production.

We have tested several Tuner on the market before recommending the Superchips 3571 Flashcal Tuner based on its performance. Finding the best kit is not easy as we have to consider several factors like quality, affordability, product history, durability and other relevant factors. We are satisfied with the performance of the Superchips 3571 Flashcal Tuner.

Superchips 3571 Flashcal F5 Tuner Review

The Superchips Flashcal F5 Tuner is the most advanced, reliable and easy to use tool on the market for modifying the performance of your trucks and heavy cars. This product is easy to install with the plug and play feature and can read diagnostic codes. The Superchips 3571 is easy and quick to calibrate the odometer and speedometer and able to shift points for the vehicle’s tires or wheels. The Tuner also allows changes to be made to the gear size.

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There are several products on the market, but none can boost the performance of Flashcal F5 Tuner. The Tuner offers increased power that is noticed when you go behind your wheels. The product is manufactured in the United States and come with a two-year limited powertrain warranty, something most companies don’t offer. The Tuner allows programming and modifying your truck engine whether diesel or gas engine. It is highly affordable for budget-conscious customers looking for the best product at an affordable market price.

The Superchips company

The Superchips is a famous automotive company that specializes in the power-up of trucks, towing vehicle and other heavy duty trucks. The company has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, providing high-quality products that stand above other competitors.

Their performance turner is best for drivers who want to increase the vehicle’s speed, fuel consumption, power and tow with fewer hassles. The company offers a lot of advantages over other products in the market.

Features of Superchips 3571 F5 Programmer

The following are the features of 3571 F5 Programmer:

High Definition Screen

The Superchips 3571 Flashcal F5 Tuner comes with a high 2.8-inch large color screen to make clearing codes, adjusting headlight delays, calibrating tires, upgrading TPMS options and other simple adjustments well clear and easy to navigate.

Easy To Use

The Superchips 3571 Flashcal F5 Tuner comes with an easy to read instructional manual for easy installation supported by Superchips 24/7 online customer service. The product comes with all the necessary accessories for installation, USB cable for connection with your PC for latest updates. Updating the App is easy and straightforward with a series of Superchips Updater available online. The Flashcal F5 Tuner is compatible with PC only and does not support any MAC operating system at this time.


The Superchips Flashcal F5 can save you from spending thousands of dollars in the auto mechanic shop. The device can be used as a diagnostic tool for reading and clearing DTCs and other error codes. Using this diagnostic tool is simple as it requires few steps for clearing all your error codes.

Compact, Convenient and Efficient

The 3571 F5 Programmer has a slim, stylish design that makes it convenient to handle and store in your glove box or center console when not in use. The device is compact as it only weighs 14.4 ounces with a bright graphics interface which ensure users have a good experience. This device by being powered by USB connection connected to your Windows/ PC or your RAM’s OBD II port. This tuner features a reliable memory with a high updating speed to provide extraordinary turning experience.

Internet updatable

The Superchips Flashcal is internet upgradable. The device allows users to upgrade to new features everytime Jeep release a new feature for the programmer. You can download new features online to the device.

Increase Horsepower and Torque

The Superchips Flashcal cater to the need of a daily driver by increasing the Torque, Fuel Economy and the Towing Performance. This tool is also designed to eliminate excessive downshifting which improves the overall driving experience.

Cold Air Intake Compatible

The Superchips 3571 Tuner can be used with aftermarket Cold Air intakes and factory intake system. The device is compatible with products like K&N, Airaid. AFE and S&B Air intake system.

  •    The 3571 Flashcal F5 is very easy to use.
  •    Easy to read LCD Display monitor.
  •    Affordable
  •    Diagnoses any error codes.
  •    A variety of customization settings available
  •    Compatible with PC only. The 3571 Flashcal F5 does not work on MAC.
  •    The 3571 Flashcal F5 does not work for some brands of jeeps.

Customer Reviews

A large number of customers who have purchased the Superchips Flashcal find the result satisfying. Overall, the product has received a remarkable review from customers who have been pleased to improve the performance and the fuel economy of their cars, SUVs, and trucks.


We hope you enjoy reading the Superchips Flashpaq F5 Review above. The device offers the best service in the automotive industry. It is highly affordable for customers looking for high quality and best performance. The design is compact and durable while it enhances your driving experience via the Horsepower and fuel mileage.

Cars are becoming more dependent on technology to perform at the optimum, that’s why the Superchips company take a step further in producing the best programmer in the market. The device offers all-around performance, improved driving experience, superb engine refinement, affordable price and easy upgrade.

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