6 Best Creepers to Buy in 2018

Ask anyone who works on cars and uses a mechanics creeper, and they’ll tell you it is well worth the money. Working on your vehicle is so much more enjoyable when you’re actually comfortable and not straining your neck. The most important thing your mechanics creeper needs to do is to comfortably and easily get you under your vehicle. That seems like a simple task, but it quickly breaks down in the real world.

Everyone has different preferences and needs, so having a choice is a good thing. With the knowledge this guide gives you, you will be able to be confident about your choice and enjoy using it for years to come. We have compiled a list of top 6 best creepers to buy in 2017. You’ll be able to take this information and use it to choose the perfect shop creeper for yourself.

Best Creepers to Buy in 2018

6. Torin TRP6240 40″ Plastic Creeper

Torin TRP6240 40When your car has a very low clearance, it’s hard to find a creeper that allows you to get down that low. One such exception is the Torin TRP6240, a 40-inch plastic creeper with a remarkable ground clearance of 1 ¼ inch. The rollers rugged ergonomic allows it to be mobile even in tight spots without sacrificing comfort. This 40in. Rugged Torin Plastic Creeper is designed for total convenience with a built-in handle and two side storage trays for easy access to small parts and tools. It has a vinyl covered foam headrest for added comfort. The creeper weighs only 7.5 pounds and has six compact 3-inch ball bearing casters that refine its movement. According to its manufacturer, it has a maximum weight capacity of 280 pounds. The plastic material is also resistant to dirt, oil, and grease which make cleaning fast and easy.

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5. Pro-Lift C-2036D Grey 36″ Z-Creeper Seat

Pro-Lift C-2036D Grey 36Performing the necessary maintenance on your vehicle requires many different tasks in different areas. The Pro-Lift Z-Creeper was designed with the capability of supporting you at your desired work height. The Z-Creeper’s 36″ steel body frame allows you to roll under your vehicle on the 6 swivel casters for easy undercarriage maintenance. Retract the pin in the midsection of the creeper and fold it into the shop chair while you work on the body. The vehicle cushioning was added for comfort to support you and get the job done. Pro Lift C-2036D Creeper is a 2 in 1 creeper that is designed to be folded in a “Z” shape for use as a mechanics seat or unfolded for use as a mechanics creeper. This creeper is backed by 90 Days warranty from the date of the purchase.

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4. Torin TR6452 4 Position Headrest Shop Creeper

Torin TR6452 4 Position Headrest Shop CreeperAnother great, classic product, the Torin TR6452 4 Position Headrest Shop Creeper, also has a few features that make it unique as well. Firstly, the headrest, which is part of the product’s description, can rise to four different positions. This is incredibly valuable in a shop or garage because it allows you to raise your head comfortably in order to see at different angles. As a matter of fact, comfort seems to definitely have been one of the chief goals from the manufacturers, especially considering that the main bench area is entirely padded for comfortable use. Outside of the main bench area, the Torin TR6452 has an all-steel construction to assure that it’s sturdy and able to take a few dings during storage. Also, since this product only weighs about 16 pounds, it’s really easy to grab it and carry it to the next job.

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3. Traxion 1-100 ProGear Wide Body Creeper

Traxion 1-100 ProGear Wide Body CreeperFrom automotive tools that make the mechanic more safe and productive to truck accessories that improve accessibility, Traxion engineered products will continue to support the needs of their customers. The Traxion 1-100 is a wide body unit that provides a good amount of support for the mechanic who’s working on it. The wheels are very large; at a full five inches, and they also swivel so that you can maneuver underneath the vehicle. We loved the capacity of this wide body garage creeper; it’ll hold an amazing 401 pounds of weight, which makes it one of the creepers with the highest capacity in this guide. The design profile of this product is also very low so that you can easily use it under just about any vehicle. Purchase this great and comfortable creeper, and you definitely won’t regret it.

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2. Omega 91000 Black 40″ Foldable Z Creeper

Omega 91000 Black 40The Omega 91000 is in a class by itself. This padded creeper has a unique convertible design that lets you easily change it from a stool to a creeper. If you’re working on brakes or exterior detailing, the stool is incredibly handy. The 40 inch back plate is long enough for the great support and yet short enough for easy maneuvering. If you are a little larger than what the average creeper will support, the Omega 91000 is rated up to 450 lbs, and the heavy-duty padded upholstery will give you more comfortable use. The 3? diameter wheels mean they won’t get caught up on tiny stones on the garage floor. The Omega 91000 is probably best for those with trucks or anything with a higher than normal clearance. If you are a serious mechanic, this is the creeper you have always wanted, and it is priced to fit your budget

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1. Lisle LI93102 Yellow Plastic Creeper

Lisle LI93102 Yellow Plastic CreeperThe best product on the list is the Lisle creeper LI93102, which comes in a yellow plastic body. This mechanics creeper has a 2-inch longer body than most creepers around; thereby, offering a better fit. With the steel bushings are urethane rollers, both molded into the body and provide extra strength, plus easy roller replacement at the same time. It is a low-profile creeper with a 7/8-inch floor clearance. Unlike other products on the market, this car creeper is very easy to clean, considering its solvent-resistant surface that eliminates fuel drippings, grease, and other unwanted compounds. It is lightweight and very portable, offering support and comfort simultaneously. The Lisle LI93102 is widely used in professional automotive shops but is also perfect for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and the seasonal mechanics. All in all, the Lisle LI93102 allows users to perform repair works and maintenance easier and faster as its integrated design equates to trouble-free and hassle-free operation at all times.

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It doesn’t matter if you are a professional automotive technician or just someone who works on cars as a hobby or out of necessity, a shop creeper is an excellent piece of equipment to have on hand. Everyone has either seen or experienced getting the piece of cardboard out to lie on and try and scoot underneath the car to work on it. It’ dirty, it’s uncomfortable, and it can even distract you from doing a thorough job if your mind is on how uncomfortable you are. Shop creepers come in all shapes, styles and price points. There is definitely one that will fit every budget, and it is a purchase you will never regret making once you see how it changes the way you feel when you work underneath your vehicle.

Anyone who works on cars; either professionally or in their spare time, will tell you that the money that you spend on a mechanic’s creeper is money well spent. When you are working under your car, you want to be sure that you are using the safest, most comfortable gear so that you can work with a degree of reliability and confidence.

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